World Cup

World Cup is a system of high level events dedicated primarily to the top players but also for the others.

We have two separate classifications – World Cup and World Cup Women. All World cup events consist always of 2 separate tournaments – one for everybody (also for women if they wish) and one only for women.

All conditions defined below are also valid for World Cup Women excluding the points where it is clearly stated that something is valid only for one of this two World Cups.

World Championship Man&Women are also counted as a World Cup tournaments.

World Cup points

In each event belonging to FMJD- WorldCup players can get a World Cup points.

World Cup points are a sum of points gathered by the player in the tournament plus a bonus points for the top 10.

Bonus points: I – 100, II – 70, III – 50, IV – 40, V – 35, VI – 30, VII – 26, VIII -24, IX – 22, X – 20.


  1. player “X” finishing 4th in the 9 rounds World Cup tournament with a score of 12 points (+4 =4 -1). His World Cup points in this event = 52 (12 + 40)
  2. player “Y’ finishing 11thin the same tournament with a score of 10 points. His World Cup point in this event = 10 (no bonus)

World Cup classification

Last 4 World Cup tournaments give individual score of each participating player.


  1. Sum of World Cup points
  2. Number of 1st places
  3. Number of 2nd places
  4. Number of 3rd places
  5. Better result in last tournament
  6. Number of winning games

Using World Cup classification

FMJD places in IMSA and/or SportAccord mind events will always be assigned in order of actual World Cup classification.

Starting 2012, every other year, the player on the 1st place in World Cup classification after last event this year, will be officially announced as a World Cup winner.

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